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Our climate emergency is a huge opportunity, here’s why.

Our Pale Blue Dot. Planet Earth. Our Home

There’s a strong chance you will have seen or heard something on climate change in recent weeks. Whether it was a beautifully presented documentary, an impassioned plea for action from our youth, or details of a newly published report, there have been some major news stories.

If you have heard about any of them, that’s great, this crucial message is getting through. It matters what we do with it next. Insurers are now recognising the impacts of climate change as one of the most significant business risks, in some reports it is finally number one.

The UK government recently became the first in the world to declare a climate emergency and a search on Climate Emergency, Climate Change, Biodiversity, Extinction, will provide hours of sobering reading and content to explore the issues. We won’t be repeating it all in one blog of course but we will begin to explore the opportunities for change that we have before us as businesses. From using technology to improve how we collect and present data, to development of new materials and processes, application of robotics, Artificial Intelligence and so much more, to coin a phrase from the 70’s, we have the technology.

At Bluedotaug, when we first began developing the business, we decided we would always focus on caring for our planet, and all things living here as a core value. We called that part of our core values ‘Survive’. For us, sustainability is not an option, it’s essential for everyone. A failure to act now will be an extinction level failure. But this isn’t an exercise in guilt. Nor is it an exercise in panic, not from our point of view.

When we panic we make rash, often foolish decisions, it’s how people end up trapped with no escape in burning buildings. Sure, feel that sense of panic rising up in you. Acknowledge it as an emotional response to the terrifying reports that are emerging. But as a business leader you will benefit from taking a moment to hold that emotion and use the energy of it to drive you forward into positive but considered action.

Make it the moment you connect with others who are ready to make a change, because believe me when I say there are plenty of us with knowledge and skills to make a momentous leap forward. It has been acting alone, preserving market positions and IP in singular approaches that has held back progress before. So much more can be accomplished in partnership, connecting skillsets and ideas, building on what you are already capable of.

From that comes our core value of ‘Hive’. It’s about connecting with others, because there lies major opportunity to use technology and innovation to do better. For some, that will be about doing business differently and adapting their organisation. For others it means starting something new.

Our CEO, Sandra Norval, is a Fellow of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment and actively works on initiatives to develop the profession including use of technology, improving diversity and inclusion as well as maintaining professional standards. Sandra is also a Chartered Environmentalist and has recently been appointed to the Board for the Society for the Environment.

We recognise the seriousness of the global challenges. We understand the complexities of identifying, implementing and embedding change in business. We see the true opportunity is for businesses to be the leaders in change, be the first to market with new ideas and set out new ways of working.

It may be as simple as increasing the recycling in your offices, more challenging ideas such as making a major commitment to flexible working to eliminate travel, right through to building new business models from scratch. Alongside all of that comes the opportunity to develop your team, helping them to become your eyes and ears for the emerging ideas in their field of specialism. Sustainability is a profession in its own right but it also enhances the skills across a huge range of other professions, from accounting, through engineering, ecology, to law, procurement and even marketing, it touches on everything we do. This is how we ‘thrive’ our third core value within our business. We build the skills of everyone around us so we all grow together.

But you will notice one thing. When we talk about Survive, Hive, Thrive, we aren’t talking merely about our own business. We are talking about every business we come into contact with, whether as a contracted supplier, or a customer. We’re talking about every individual, so they all grow too. And we always talk in the plural sense because we exist to help you, not just to make a profit for ourselves.

Quite simply Bluedotaug was created to support businesses to embrace technology and innovation to do better for the blue dot we call home. Planet Earth. And that is all of us.

It’s no longer brave to be seen to do the right thing.

In a #ClimateEmergency it is absolutely essential that we identify and embrace #ClimateOpportunity for the good of us all. So this leaves one simple question:

Will you call us to embrace your opportunity to do more?

Whatever your ideas, it’s acting on them that matters, it’s not a time to let the opportunity pass you by because by doing so everyone loses and that’s how we got to this moment in time, the moment where you can make a difference.

For an informal discussion call 07985 610626, or email sandra.norval@bluedotaug.com today.

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