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5 reasons to make purpose central to your strategy

Purpose is the thing that lights you up, drives you forward and should be core to your strategy
Purpose is the thing that lights you up every day.

What is that one thing that really stirs up your emotions? It might be something that gets you so angry you just have to act on it, or it could be something you love so much you want the world to share it with you.

Whatever it is you know you can't get it out of your head. It's almost tormenting you when you aren't living by it and your heart sings when you are.

Today we can get in touch with all sorts of causes, from addressing the climate breakdown or the ecological crisis, through to enabling access to the workplace for anyone and you can steer your business towards the ones that stand out for you.

Focus on the right purpose, embed it into everything you do, live it, breath it and share it and your business will prosper.

Take the B-Corporation Certification for example. Businesses seek to shape their approach around creating a good place to work and do business with. Aspects of environment, community, beneficial workplaces all count towards the overall goal to achieve a minimum score and apply for certification. There's a whole tribe of businesses around the world all aiming to do better and often doing business with each other too.

So why do it? Here's 5 reasons.

Reason 1 Getting into work in the morning gets much easier!

Dragging yourself out of bed definitely feels less of a strain when your work is connected with what drives you. Your work life gets a lot less stressful when you and your team are aligned around a common goal.

Reason 2 You will attract people to your business

When customers see that you are delivering on something that matters to them they are much more likely to seek you out. It will help you to define who your customer is, why they will buy from you and how to help them understand your product.

Reason 3 You will be changing the world

One little step at a time, gradually developing your little corner of the world. Whether you are creating apprenticeships for low income areas, saving bees or providing a new way of banking, each step you take will be making a difference.

Reason 4 You can get recognition for your work

Consider whether a certification might serve your purpose. From ISO 14001 for Environmental Management to the B-Corporation certification mentioned earlier you will find options available to demonstrate what you're doing so you can make sure your customers know all about it.

Reason 5 Having a clear purpose will shape your vision, values and strategic direction

Simply put, it means you have narrowed the field of possibilities down to something meaningful to you. Get the right support to develop that strategy and you will be well on your way to making a significant impact. Great news, right?

At Bluedotaug we define your purpose as part of the strategy development work we do. It matters to us because your value proposition depends on it. You will need to understand how your purpose serves the purpose of your customer so you can communicate it effectively. Having us as your critical friend means you don't convince yourself that your first thoughts are the right ones and unlocks ideas that you may not have noticed before.

Sound good?

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